2019-        Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Co-Director, LGBTQ Studies Certificate Program

Affiliate Faculty, Center for Asian Studies

Affiliate Faculty, Center for Values and Social Policy

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Ethnic Studies

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Sociology

Research Affiliate, Natural Hazards Center


2013-19    Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies, University of Colorado Boulder


2010-12    Assistant Professor of Sociology, Villanova University



2009    PhD with distinction, Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder
2007    Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

2003    BA cum laude, Sociology and Communications (photojournalism), Loyola University of New Orleans  

2002    Certificate of Study, Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture, and Society, University of Amsterdam



Transgender Studies; Queer of Color Critique; Gender & Sexuality; Political Economy; Transnational Labor; Global Sociology; Ethnography & Qualitative Methods



Introduction to LGBT Studies; Women of Color & Activism; Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context; Queer Theory; Critical Inquiries in Transgender Studies; Queer Theory (graduate)




Peer-Reviewed Articles


2023     David, Emmanuel. "Sonic Transness: Christine Jorgensen's Vocal Performance in Kaming Mga Talyada (We Who Are Sexy)." American

Quarterly 75(1): 75-102


2022     David, Emmanuel. "The Transgender Touch: On the Handmade Sculptures of Frankie Toan." ASAP/Journal 7(1):171-198. 


2021     David, Emmanuel. "Transpinay: Genealogy of a Term." Sexualities. Special issue on "Queer Asia." Advance online publication:

*2023 Distinguished Article Award, American Sociological Association’s section on Sexualities.


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Studies in Global Asias 7(2): 2-18. 


2018     David, Emmanuel. "Transgender Archipelagos." TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 5(3): 332-354. Special issue on "Trans-in-

Asia, Asia-in-Trans."

*2019 Best Article Award, Society for Queer Asian Studies, an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS)


2018     David, Emmanuel and Christian Joy P. Cruz. "Big, Bakla, and Beautiful: Transformations on a Manila Pageant Stage." WSQ:

Women's Studies Quarterly 46(1-2): 29-45. Special issue on "Beauty."


2018     David, Emmanuel and Christian Joy P. Cruz. "Deaf Turns, Beki Turns, Transformations; Toward New Forms of Deaf Queer

Sociality." Feminist Formations 30(1): 91-116. Special issue on "Queer/Crip Contagions."


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2015     David, Emmanuel. "The Sexual Fields of Empire: On the Ethnosexual Frontiers of Global Outsourcing." Radical History Review



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& Society 29(2):169-194. Lead Article.


2010     David, Emmanuel, "‘Studying Up’ on Women and Disaster: An Elite-Sustained Women’s Group following Hurricane Katrina."

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 28(2):246-269.


2008     David, Emmanuel. "Cultural Trauma, Memory, and Gendered Collective Action: The Case of Women of the Storm following

Hurricane Katrina." NWSA Journal 20(3):138-162.

 –Reprinted (2010) in Being and Becoming Visible: Women, Performance, and Visual Culture (A Feminist Formations Reader).

       Edited by Olga Mesropova and Stacey Weber Feve. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.


Journal Article (Unrefereed)


2018    David, Emmanuel. “The Art of Trans Politics.” Contexts 17(1):82-85.




2017     David, Emmanuel. Women of the Storm: Civic Activism After Hurricane Katrina. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. 

–Reviewed by Tim Haney in Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography (April 2018)

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Edited Book


2012     The Women of Katrina: How Gender, Race, and Class Matter in an American Disaster. Edited with Elaine Enarson. Nashville,

TN: Vanderbilt University Press.


      –One of CHOICE Magazine’s 2011-2012 Significant University Press Titles for Undergraduates

        –Reviewed by Beth Herstein in New Orleans Living Magazine (May 2012).

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Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter


2006     David, Emmanuel. "Emergent Behavior and Groups in Postdisaster New Orleans: Notes on Practices of Organized Resistance."

Pp.235-262 in Learning from Catastrophe: Quick Response Research in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina. Special Publication #40. Boulder, CO. Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado. 


Book Chapters


2011     Hunter, Lori and Emmanuel David. "Displacement, Climate Change, and Gender." Coauthored with Lori M. Hunter. Pp. 306-330

in Migration and Climate Change. Edited by Etienne Piguet, Antoine Pécoud, and Paul de Guchteneire. New York: UNESCO and Cambridge University Press.


2010     David, Emmanuel. "Redistribution of Responsibility: The Gendered Division of Labor and Politics of a Post-Disaster Clean-Up

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2007     David, Emmanuel. "Signs of Resistance: Marking Public Space through a Renewed Cultural Activism." Pp. 225-254 in Visual

Research Methods: Image, Society, and Representation. Edited by Gregory C. Stanczak. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


Edited Volumes


2007     Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict, and World Order 34(1). Special Issue on Art, Identity, and Social Change.

Coedited with Edward J. McCaughan, with a coauthored introduction.


2006     Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict, and  World Order 33(2). Special Issue on Art, Power, and Social Change.

Coedited with Edward J. McCaughan, with a coauthored introduction.


Book Reviews


2020     Review of Marco Z. Garrido, The Patchwork City: Class, Space, and Politics in Metro Manila.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2019. Social Forces, soaa106,


2020     “Fantasies of Elsewhere: Notes on Provincializing Transgender.” Review of Aren Z. Aizura, Mobile Subjects: Transnational

Imaginaries of Gender Reassignment. Durham: Duke University Press, 2018. TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 7(1):132-139.


2013     Review of Robyn Magalit Rodriquez, Migrants for Export: How the Philippine State Brokers Labor to the World. Minneapolis: 

University of Minnesota Press, 2010. International Sociology 28(2):215-218.


2012     Review of Sujutha Fernandes, Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela. Durham, NC: Duke

University Press, 2010. Journal of Peace and Justice Studies 22(1):161-163.  




2024    Lunder Institute Visiting Fellow, Lunder Institute for American Art, Colby College Museum of Art. (January and August 2024).


2023    “We Are Coming.” In collaboration with Yumi Janairo Roth. Installation at the Eagle Theater in Eagle Rock, hosted by The Autry Museum of

the American West and The Vidiots Foundation. (October 22, 2023-October 24, 2023).


2023    “We Are Coming."In collaboration with Yumi Janairo Roth. Museum of Contemporary Art Denver’s Cowboy exhibition

(September 29, 2023-February 18, 2024) 


Project coverage, press, and interviews

– “We are coming: A collaborative project gives voice to the past and draws researchers closer in the present.” The Ampersand, podcast

interview, September 2023. 

– “A Denver museum exhibit explores cowboy culture, the archetypal and the authentic,” Colorado Sun, September 26, 2023.

– “Bucking the Myth of the American Cowboy,” W Magazine, Fall 2023 issue. 

– “The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Questions the Cowboy,” 5280, Sep. 2023.

–“‘We are coming,’ highlights Filipinos in the American West,” Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine, October 20, 2022. 

–“Past, present come together: Marquee project recognizes Rough Riders,” Cody Enterprise, September 28, 2022.



2019    Best Should Teach Gold Award for excellence in teaching, Graduate Teacher Program in coordination with the School of Education, the

College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder


2022   Fellows’ Fellowship, National Humanities Center. Nine-month residential fellowship at the National Humanities Center in

Research Triangle Park, N.C. 


2022    Research & Innovation Seed Grant, Office of the Provost, University of Colorado Boulder, to support project Ang Walong Pinoy (The Filipino

Eight), an interdisciplinary, collaborative project about the Filipino Rough Riders of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Co-PI with Yumi Janairo Roth.


2022    President’s Fund for the Humanities, University of Colorado System Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), $5000 to support project about the

Filipino Rough Riders of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Co-PI with Yumi Janairo Roth.


2019    Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence, University of Colorado Boulder


2018    Center for the Humanities and the Arts Funding for Individual Projects in the Arts and Humanities


2018     Center for Asian Studies, Seminar Series Grant, University of Colorado Boulder


2017     Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence, University of Colorado Boulder


2015     Center for Asian Studies Seminar Series Grant, University of Colorado Boulder


2015     Center for the Humanities & the Arts, Graduate Committee and the Arts & Humanities Visiting Scholar Grant, University of

Colorado Boulder


2014     Kayden Research Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder


2013     Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA), Graduate Committee on the Arts and Humanities (GCAH) Research Grant,

            University of Colorado Boulder


2012     Fulbright Scholar, Manila, Philippines (Research Award in Sociology)

2011     Faculty Development Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Villanova University

2011     Research Travel Grant, Department of Sociology, Villanova University

2010     Research Support Grant, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, Villanova University    

2009     Visiting Research Fellow, Third World Studies Center, University of the Philippines-Diliman


2008     The Dean’s Fund for Excellence, University of Colorado at Boulder


2007     Center for the Humanities and the Arts Fellowship (CHA), University of Colorado at Boulder
2006     Dissertation Expense Award. Department of Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder
2006     Emily Schoenbaum Research and Community Development Grant, Newcomb College Center for Research on

            Women, Tulane University

2005     Quick Response Grant, Natural Hazards Center with funds contributed by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

            under the Center’s Quick Response Program



American Journal of Sociology; Asian Journal of Communication; Critical Asian Studies; Disasters; Ethnography; Fat Studies; Gender & Society; Gender, Place & Culture; Gender, Work, and Organization; GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies; Human Relations; Hypatia; International Feminist Journal of Politics; International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters; Journal of Homosexuality; Men & Masculinities; Natural Hazards;  Qualitative Sociology; Risk Analysis; Social & Cultural Geography; Social Science Diliman; Symbolic Interaction; TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly; Visual Studies; WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly



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